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Enabling Legislations

Equal Opportunities Act
Immigration Act

The Immigration Act regulates the entry and stay of non-citizens in Mauritius.
Immigration (Permits) (Prescribed Fees, Guarantees and Application Form) Regulations 2011

Civil Status Act
The Civil Status Act deals with the procedures relating to the registration of birth, death,
marriages and any amendments brought to the Civil Status of persons in Mauritius.
Mauritius Citizenship Act
The Mauritius Citizenship Act regulates the eligibility and procedures for the acquisition and loss of Mauritian citizenship.
Non-Citizens Property Restriction Act
The Non-Citizens Property Restriction Act deals with the following:
   (1) The purchase, acquisition or holding of property by non-citizens
   (2) Disposal of property by non-citizens
   (3) Consequences of contravention
   (4) Validation of transactions
Passport Act
The Passport Act deals with the procedures for the issue of passports to Mauritian Citizens.
Passports Regulations (consolidated version).
Deportation Act
The Act lays down the procedure to be followed for the deportation of non-citizens.